Trump Triumphs in Laurens County and South Carolina, Achieving Historic Voter Turnout

February 26, 2024

In a historic moment for South Carolina and the Republican Party, over 755,000 Republicans turned out to cast their ballots in the state’s Presidential Primary, shattering the previous 2016 voter turnout record.

In Laurens County, Haley received 2,379 votes and Trump received 7,828 of the 10,274 total votes. Haley won one precinct (Clinton 2) while Trump won all others.

There were also three advisory questions on the ballot.

Question 1: Voter Registration and Party Affiliation

A staggering 73% of voters expressed their support for the ability to register by Political Party in South Carolina, thereby preventing Democrats from participating in Republican Primaries. The resounding affirmation sends a clear message to South Carolina legislators, urging them to pass H. 3695. This legislation aims to ensure that only Republicans have the privilege of choosing candidates for their party, reinforcing the GOP’s commitment to internal party democracy.

Question 2: Judicial Reform in South Carolina

The advisory question on judicial reform garnered overwhelming support, with 91% of voters advocating for increased transparency in the selection of judges in South Carolina. This issue, a longstanding priority in the Republican Party platform, is gaining momentum as a hot-button topic in the state. The decisive vote reflects the South Carolina Republicans’ desire for a thorough examination and enhancement of the judicial selection process, aligning it with their values and expectations.

Question 3: Tort Reform in South Carolina

Tort reform emerged as a pivotal concern for South Carolina Republicans, as an overwhelming 87% voted in favor of establishing a more proportional relationship between legal liability and financial responsibility. The call for reform is seen as essential to safeguarding businesses and their owners in the state. The resolute stance taken by voters underscores the significance of this issue and the party’s commitment to creating a business-friendly environment in South Carolina.

The recent Republican Presidential Primary in South Carolina, witnessed an unprecedented surge in voter participation, breaking records set in 2016. Beyond the ballot, advisory questions reflected the party’s commitment to shaping South Carolina’s political landscape.