‘Twas the Night Before Christmas at Exit 2

December 7, 2022

by Joseph Dyches

‘Twas the night before Christmas and at Exit 2,
The sign had been broken, that leads to me and you;
It reflected no vision, no respect or care,
It was unlikely anyone would be stopping there;
The people complained, but nothing was done,
For years and years it stayed this way,
And many anxiously awaited the day;
When things would change and the message would be,
We are a wonderful place, you should stop and see!
After exhausting the options, a resident did decide,
That past a broken sign, they would no longer ride;
With a flash of the iphone and a two-minute call,
They asked the simple question that had bothered us all;
We are worried that we may be passed by Saint Nick!
In a matter of minutes the call was returned,
And that is when the resident learned;
The matter was easy, it was now on the list,
To repair the sign that was amiss.
Within a few weeks the sign stood straight,
Reflecting to all that Clinton is great!
With this small example it can start to be clear,
That you can, too, make a difference here;
A town must be more than a Council or Staff,
It is the work of many that makes a community last;
Safe travels for Christmas and on your return,
Off 385 as you take your right turn;
Take a look at the sign as it stands tall and straight,
And know you’re a part of what makes Clinton great!

Author’s Note: Thank you to Brenda Stewart for making the calls and running the sign issue to ground.