UK-born dining and event app to pilot stateside in 2023

December 14, 2022

A restauranteur from the UK, who created an app that will change the data culture of the on-trade and food service industry, has partnered with a US accelerator to bring the product stateside.

Already expanding from its UK launch in Nottingham, Floot has chosen Greenville, South Carolina for its entry into the US market. The pilot is set for Q1 2023. Greenville was an easy choice for the team, given the variety of independent venues, the recent national and international recognition as a destination city, and the entrepreneurial spirit it brings. Greenville-based Logicle Analytics and the JNO Accelerator Group are assisting with the launch. “We saw a lot of similarities between what made Nottingham a success and what Greenville has to offer,” said Dr. Jonathan Fowler, CEO of Logicle and Managing Partner at JNO. “The city puts a lot of effort into being a place to start a business. We’re confident that it will also be a good place to expand a business.”

Acutely aware of the challenges facing local and independent businesses in the hospitality sector, founder Neil Dollochin is empowering fellow venue owners by giving them access to the same level of business data analysis as big corporations.

An independent venue owner himself, the founder is quick to point out the obvious gap in resources between chains and independents. “What isn’t immediately obvious (to the outsider) is just how data driven the corporate decision making process is. Our job is to level that particular playing field.” continued Dollochin. “We believe all business owners can and should benefit from fully understanding their own business data.”

Floot (For the Love Of Our Town) is a consumer-focused app on the one side, making it easy for customers to discover the best independent venues in town. It eliminates the hassle of keeping up with multiple venues through disjointed mediums, providing a seamless consumer experience. For the venue, it allows for the collection and collating of granular data in a way that has never been done before. The upshot for small business owners is all that ‘scary data’ is made digestible and relevant in an easy to use dashboard.

Floot is, and will remain, open and free for all independent and local venues, so many of which are struggling to make ends meet since the COVID-19 pandemic. Floot App is here to help! For more information and the UK version of the app, visit