Update on Deputy Christopher Motes’ Battle Against Cancer

April 6, 2024

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office recently provided an update on the health journey of Deputy Christopher Motes (with permission from Deputy Motes and his wife Tabitha), who has been bravely battling cancer. Deputy Motes, a dedicated member of the Sheriff’s Office, underwent successful brain surgery on January 26th to remove a tumor, following a seizure that led to its discovery. Subsequent tests revealed that the cancer had spread to his kidney, lung, and throughout his body.

On March 18th, Deputy Motes was admitted to the ER due to severe pain in his shoulder and leg. Further tests, including brain scans, revealed a distressing development: the cancer had spread extensively throughout his body. Despite this challenging diagnosis, Deputy Motes remains determined in his fight.

Since then, Deputy Motes has been managing a granuloma, a collection of blood vessels that opened and required wound care. The granuloma is scheduled to be removed on April 23rd. To assist with his breathing, Deputy Motes now uses oxygen at home, especially during the night, due to decreased oxygen levels.

Upcoming medical procedures are also scheduled. Deputy Motes is set to undergo a full-body PET scan on April 9th to assess the cancer’s spread. Following this, on April 11th, he is scheduled for radiosurgery, pending his ability to tolerate the procedure.

The Sheriff’s Office has expressed immense gratitude for the community’s support during this challenging time. Contributions to an online fundraiser and various donations have alleviated some financial burdens for Deputy Motes and his family, including medical bills and living expenses during his recovery.

Deputy Motes continues to receive overwhelming support from his colleagues and the community. As he navigates this difficult road ahead, the Sheriff’s Office urges everyone to keep Deputy Motes and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

Deputy Motes remains an inspiration to many for his resilience and determination. The outpouring of support reflects the deep compassion within the community for one of its own. Let’s rally together to support Deputy Motes and his family through this challenging chapter.

For those willing to contribute, donations can be made through the FundTheFirst fundraiser by clicking HERE or directly to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office. Your support makes a meaningful difference in Deputy Motes’ ongoing battle against cancer.

We stand with Deputy Christopher Motes and his family, sending prayers and support as he continues his courageous fight.