USC – IBM spur innovative approach to manufacturing

May 24, 2023

Last week, IBM conducted a virtual tour of the USC IBM Maximo IoT Experience and Digital Transformation Lab.

The event showcased the lab’s various capabilities, and the benefits industry organizations can experience by visiting the lab and engaging with university experts.

“The University of South Carolina’s innovative approach in working with industry leaders with a shared purpose to demonstrate cutting edge manufacturing technologies and applications is what drives this strategic partnership between IBM and USC,” said, IBM Principal Value Consultant, Tom Woginrich.

Other participating companies in the virtual tour were Verizon, CapGemini, Siemens, Uptime Solutions, and Yaskawa Motoman Robotics.

The virtual tour was broadcasted to over 200 companies, in a multitude of different industry sectors from around the world. The virtual tour resulted in an increased interest from new companies to tour the lab in person.

“USC provides IBM with the opportunity to collaborate with other corporations such as Verizon, Capgemini and Siemens,” said Woginrich. “This collaborative environment is what makes USC unique and it is a testament to the impact USC is making in the manufacturing world.”

The Center for Applied Innovation is a joint venture with IBM and the University of South Carolina. The center is designed to facilitate research efforts between USC, IBM and other industry partners, concentrating on computing technologies and data analytics demanded by global businesses.

“The partnership with IBM and our other industry partners allows university faculty and students, along with IBM researchers and private sector researchers, the opportunity to collaborate on research and development of industrial applications for cutting-edge technologies,” said Bill Kirkland, Executive Director of USC Office of Economic Engagement.

Within this innovation partnership is the USC IBM Maximo IoT Experience and Digital Transformation Lab.

“The partnership between USC and IBM provides our students with the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the workforce of the future,” said, Hossein Haj-Hariri, Dean of USC College of Engineering and Computing. “The College of Engineering and Computing is extremely grateful for each of our industry partnerships and the resources those partnerships provide to our faculty and students.”

The lab is housed within the 35,000 square-foot McNair Aerospace Center on the University of South Carolina Columbia campus.

The purpose of the lab is to showcase technology projects with an array of real-world industrial and consumer applications, including AI and machine learning to improve advanced manufacturing processes

USC Office of Economic Engagement

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