Viral Outpouring of Support: Community Unites to Aid Young Boy Attacked by Dogs

February 18, 2024

In the wake of a terrible incident on Livingston Street in Clinton, where 11-year-old A’Rhyan Anderson, known as Red, faced a brutal dog attack while waiting for his school bus, a silver lining emerges as an outpouring of love and support floods in from both the local community and people across different states. Despite the distressing nature of the incident, the response highlights the resilience of the local community and the incredible compassion of strangers from afar.

The horrifying attack unfolded on a Wednesday morning when a vigilant neighbor pulled into her driveway and witnessed the brutal assault. Four dogs were savagely mauling young Red as he waited for the school bus. Without hesitation, the neighbor courageously intervened, beating the dogs off the helpless boy and immediately calling 911 for emergency assistance.

Clinton police officers were quick to respond and provided initial medical care to Red until EMS arrived. Due to the severity of his injuries, the 11-year-old was airlifted to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery to address the 60 puncture wounds scattered across his body, with the most severe injury on his left hamstring requiring a wound vac.

In the aftermath of the traumatic incident, a Go Fund Me page was set up by a family friend named Julia to help cover Red’s medical expenses and support his mother, Amy Lowe, a single parent raising five children. The initial goal of $10,000 was quickly surpassed as the page went viral, garnering support from over 1,600 donors and raising an astounding $63,754 in just four days (click on link below to donate and see current balance).

Julia, on the Go Fund Me page, shared Red’s story, recounting the terrifying encounter with the pack of dogs and emphasizing the long road to recovery that Red faces. The funds collected will aid his mother during the challenging period when she will be out of work to care for her son during his recovery.

In a world often saturated with disheartening news, this story, while marked by a tragic incident that should never have occurred, transcends the darkness. Beyond the unfortunate events, the narrative takes a turn towards hope and positivity as the goodness and generosity of strangers lights the path to recovery for young Red. The financial contributions, heartfelt messages of love and encouragement, and the outpouring of prayers from people across the nation exemplify the compassion that exists within our society.

As Red begins his journey towards physical and emotional recovery, the Laurens County community unites in a collective prayer for Red and his family, extending their support not just for today but throughout the entire healing process.