Vitivia™ Launches Pro:Vitamin E5 and Pro:Vitamin A15 Capsules

November 19, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – November 14, 2008 – Dr. Michelle Welch, a dermatologist in Lexington, SC, is now providing to the public convenient all natural topical vitamins, Vitivia™ Pro:Vitamin E5 and Pro:Vitamin A15 capsules. 

Pro:Vitamin E5 is designed to slow down the skins aging process and restore youthful looking skin by providing protection from oxidation and free radical damage.  Vitivia™ Pro:Vitamin A15 capsules are designed to increase cell turnover rate, revealing more youthful looking skin and to promote the regeneration of healthy skin cells, helping to maintain the presence of collagen. The Vitivia™ Pro:Vitamins are free of all preservatives, colorings, fragrances, and other potential allergens.  Also available are Bionect®, (hyaluronic acid 0.2%) and Aclaro PD® (hydroquinone 4%).

Vitivia™ Pro:Vitamins provide a pharmaceutical-grade pure concentration entirely free of chemical preservatives and fragrances in 100% biodegradable capsules. The capsules are designed to maintain the purity and integrity of the vitamin concentration within. Pro: Vitamin E5 pure concentration is topically applied through patented microsponge technology, allowing for the stable and controlled release of normally unstable ingredients. The individualized dosing system ensures maximum product absorption and the highest quality actives throughout treatment.

Bionect® is a therapeutic option for patients that may delay and manage the signs and symptoms of irritation associated with cosmetic laser procedures, abrasions, and sensitive skin from other treatment therapies.  Bionect® works by creating an optimal environment for healing to lessen post procedure recovery times.

Aclaro PD® bioadhesive emulsion is formulated with 4 % hydroquinone and PharmaDur bioadhesive delivery system, for the management of melasma and hyperpigmentation disorders.  Aclaro PD® is an elegant and moisturizing hydroquinone formulated with 2 sunscreens for daily use and maintenance therapy.

Michelle Welch, MD a dermatologist in Lexington, South Carolina carries an assortment of Bionect, Aclaro PD®, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A from Vitivia™ for patients looking to improve the health of their skin.

For more information about Vitivia™  Pro:Vitamin products visit or call Lexington Dermatology at 803-951-1717.