Waccamaw Community Foundation announces new nonprofit directory for Waccamaw Region

December 12, 2022

The Waccamaw Community Foundation, the Grand Strand’s leading philanthropic organization, has launched a new Nonprofit Directory that is hosted on its website www.waccamawcf.org.

The Nonprofit Directory serves as the region’s one-stop-shop for critical information about the region’s Nonprofit Organizations and the impactful work that they are doing in Horry and Georgetown counties.

The Nonprofit Directory will be used by WCF to encourage its Fundholders, donors and the community to contact the organizations that spark their interest and help, both with monetary and programmatic support.

The project is focused on providing the public comprehensive information about each organization such as: (1) Name of organization; (2) program area of service; (3) contact information; and (4) direct access to each organization’s web site.

All Nonprofit Organizations in the Nonprofit Directory will be vetted by Foundation staff and the Directory will be updated frequently so that donors and the general public can rely on its accuracy and completeness.

The Directory can be viewed alphabetically by an organization’s name or by the programs’ area of interest – i.e., Education, Human Services, Animals, Health, etc. Links are provided to each organization’s web site so that potential supporters can obtain more in-depth information about each agency’s programs.

The Waccamaw Community Foundation supports a more effective way of disseminating information in the region and getting crucial dollars to organizations that provide the most impact in our community. The Nonprofit Directory is designed to continue to support these endeavors, now and in the future.

“Shining the spotlight on our Nonprofit partners in the Waccamaw region is at the heart of what we do here at Waccamaw Community Foundation.” said Executive Director Michael Mancuso. “We are here to connect our Fundholders, donors and the general public with trusted and impactful organizations, serving as our community’s trusted advisor for philanthropic investment in Horry and Georgetown counties.”

For more information about the Nonprofit Directory and the Waccamaw Community Foundation, visit WaccamawCF.org.


About the Waccamaw Community Foundation

Since 1999, local philanthropists have turned to Waccamaw Community Foundation to effectively manage their giving and meet community needs. The organization serves many people who share a common concern: improving quality of life in Horry and Georgetown counties.

WCF makes charitable giving simple and effective by offering individuals creative ways to establish and manage funds that will positively impact the Waccamaw Region for generations to come. WCF also offers advice about projects and organizations, helping donors meet their philanthropic goals.

Waccamaw Community Foundation has made a lasting impact in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Through the generosity of donors, it has awarded more than $21 million in grants since the Foundation was established in 1999.