Walk in the Footsteps of Heroes: A Western NC Revolutionary War Field Trip

February 11, 2024

On Saturday, March 2, history enthusiasts and curious minds are invited to embark on a unique adventure through the pages of American Revolutionary War history in Western North Carolina. Durant Ashmore, a passionate historian and organizer of the event, extends a warm welcome to all interested individuals, to join him for a day filled with exploration, insights, and the chance to “Walk in the Footsteps of Heroes.”

The day-long driving tour will commence at the Battle of Earle’s Ford historical marker, situated on Highway 14 near Landrum. Ashmore emphasizes that there is no fee for expedition, as participants will be driving their own cars to visit significant Revolutionary War sites.

The itinerary includes a blend of historical landmarks and picturesque landscapes. Stops include Earles Ford, Biggerstaff Hanging Tree, lunch at Maples on Main in Rutherfordton, Gilbert Town, the battle of Cane Creek, and Quaker Meadows in Morganton. While the focus will be on aspects of the Kings Mountain Campaign, Ashmore assures attendees that the tour will also delve into the broader historical context, shedding light on the early resistance led by Charles McDowell and the controversial legacy of Queen’s Ranger James Dunlop.

Ashmore believes that the tour provides a new opportunity for participants to connect with the heroic past, stating, “It’s going to be a full day driving tour, with very little walking. This is a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the history of our forefathers and experience the places where pivotal moments in the Revolutionary War unfolded.”

The event is not just an educational experience but also an opportunity to appreciate the natural beauty of Western North Carolina. Ashmore encourages participants to soak in the scenic surroundings, emphasizing that “the scenery alone is worth the trip.”

The day will kick off at 9:00 on Saturday, March 2, meeting at the historical marker for the Battle of Earle’s Ford. Ashmore provides directions, stating, “This is exit 1 on I-26. Go east (away from Landrum). A few miles from the interstate you will cross the bridge over the N. Pacolet river. The historical marker is on your immediate left.”

As the tour progresses, participants can expect engaging discussions, historical anecdotes, and the camaraderie of fellow history enthusiasts. The tour will conclude around 5:00 pm in Morganton, approximately a 2-hour drive from Greenville.

Those interested in attending the historical excursion can text questions to 864-915-6337.