Walking Tour of Newly Discovered Laurens County Revolutionary War Battlefield – Saturday, April 22

April 19, 2023

On Saturday, April 22, historian Durant Ashmore will lead a walking tour of Hammond’s Old Store and Hayes Station Battlefield.

The event will start at 10:00 am and the location is 1503 Green Plain Road in Clinton.

Hammond’s Old Store is a newly discovered Laurens County Revolutionary War Battlefield. Fought on December 30, 1780, this battle was an overwhelming Patriot victory. Out of 250 men, the Loyalist suffered 150 killed and wounded and 40 captured. There were zero Patriot casualties.

All details of the battle will be discussed. This battle occurred 18 days before Cowpens, and had a significant impact on that battle.

After walking the site, the group will travel ten minutes  away to the site of Hayes Station where Bloody Bill Cunningham committed one of his most gruesome acts, chopping to pieces 18 men who had surrendered and had their hands bound. These men were some of Lauren’s County’s finest.

For further information, text Durant Ashmore at 864-915-6337