Wallick Investments, LLC ranked twenty-second among top U.S. Multi-cap Blend managers for 2007 by Money Manager Review

February 27, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – February 26, 2008 – Wallick Investments, LLC of Columbia, S.C. ranked twenty-second among leading private money managers with a return of 9.61% for the calendar year 2007.

The ranking of U.S. Multi-cap Blend managers was released by Money Manager Review, a San Francisco-based firm providing independent analysis of private money managers.

Managed by Daniel Wallick, the Wallick Investments, LLCs’ Core Growth portfolio is the product of a bottom-up quantitative security selection process. The portfolio consists of 50–75 companies. Individual securities are filtered based on minimum criteria for multiple corporate financial ratios, valuation criteria, relative strength and analysts’ earnings expectations. Then a proprietary ranking system is used to select stocks based on industry sectors. The minimum “buy” criteria remains constant, however, proprietary weighting is adjusted as market conditions dictate. Securities are sold when they no longer meet certain original “buy” criteria. The weightings for each industry sector stay between + and – 5% of the Wilshire5000 weightings. A top-down approach is used to determine acceptable market risk as measured by beta. Small adjustments are made by increasing or decreasing hedge or short positions.

“We are obviously quite pleased with our ranking as it verifies that we add significant value to our clients’ portfolios,” said Mr. Wallick. “Our focus on disciplined investment methodology has served us well.”

Since 2005, Wallick Investments, LLC has provided fee-only portfolio management services to high net-worth clients and trusts. Their strategies are also available to pensions, foundations and endowments. Wallick Investments, LLC is a South Carolina-based Registered Investment Advisory firm, specializing in managing investment portfolios with integrity and professional excellence.

More information is available at www.wallickinvestments.com, or by contacting Daniel Wallick at 803-699-9400 or [email protected]. For more information about Money Manager Review see www.managerreview.com.