Zinali, LLC Unveils slideboxx Software

July 29, 2008

slideboxx PowerPoint slide search speeds finding slides and creating scientific presentations

SAN FRANSICO, CA –  July 28, 2008  – Zinali, LLC today introduced slideboxx, which speeds and simplifies creating PowerPoint presentations by reducing the time it takes to search for slides.

Scientists and knowledge workers spend substantial time preparing PowerPoint presentations to communicate ideas. Existing mainstream tools that search PowerPoint files are complicated, expensive to implement, and may expose intellectual property. These tools are also limited to finding files rather than specific slides, making it difficult to find the slide desired. As a result, such tools are underutilized in life science research organizations.

slideboxx displays search results as slide thumbnails, instead of text snippets, helping users more quickly identify the slides they need. The intuitive interface enables users to create presentations without repeatedly opening existing PowerPoint presentations, thereby reducing the time scientists spend creating presentations.

“By simplifying the search and creation processes, slideboxx significantly reduces time spent preparing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations,” said Charles Wolfus, co-founder and CEO of Zinali, LLC. “Our software fills a significant unmet need in life science organizations where communicating ideas is critical for success.”

More information on slideboxx is available online at http://www.slideboxx.com.

About Zinali, LLC: With over 20 years of life science applications and systems experience, Zinali, LLC is improving slide search and presentation assembly to accelerate science. For more information, visit http://www.zinali.com/aboutus.html.

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