ZWO Partner John Zwolinski Elected to CLEAR Board

September 22, 2014

GREENVILLE, SC – John Zwolinski, COO and founding partner at ZWO [formerly Woodward & Zwolinski], has been elected to the board of the Center for Living Environments and Regeneration [CLEAR], headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado. The national non-profit organization focuses on moving beyond environmental sustainability towards environmental balance and regeneration, “a way of living that restores our natural resources, builds a self-sustaining economy, and improves the human condition.” Zwolinski will chair the organization’s communication committee, advising the CLEAR team on the development of a variety of communications materials and tools, as well as updating the organization’s identity and website.

“CLEAR offers a different way of looking at both natural and built environments, first by focusing on the regenerative aspects of an environment, and then by creating the tools to help people engage with regenerating specific systems,” says Zwolinski. “So CLEAR’s tools and processes can have an impact on everything from community rebuilding after a disaster, to urban renewal, to historic renovation, to rural preservation, to master planned communities.”

Zwolinski has a 19-year career in brand development, marketing, and strategic counsel, beginning with his work at Sports Unlimited in sports promotion, brand awareness, and event coordination with NBA and NFL athletes. Since joining ZWO as a founding partner, he has served as the guide for the brands of some of ZWO’s most significant clients in apparel, student housing, youth, and non-profit segments, providing strategic counsel and direction, conducting strategy sessions, managing complex promotional and advertising campaigns, and leading key shifts in brand direction, formation, and growth.


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