A Centennial Celebration – Laurens County Council Recognizes the Rotary Club of Laurens

October 11, 2023

A century’s worth of service! The Rotary Club of Laurens, chartered on November 3, 1923, has stood the test of time, thriving through the Great Depression, World War II, and into today.

The Laurens County Council meeting was called to order on October 9, 2023, and during new business, Resolution 2023-Rotary: Recognizing 100 Years of Rotary, was unanimously accepted by all 6 council members present.

This resolution commemorated the Rotary Club of Laurens for their 100 years of vigilant service and community support within Laurens County. This remarkable milestone speaks to their commitment to the community and Rotary International’s goals.

This centennial celebration is a reminder of the timeless value of fellowship and community service. The Rotary Club of Laurens has historically supplied the community with leadership that provides humanitarian services, encourages high ethical standards and overall peace in the world.

Today, the club has nearly tripled in membership and continues to create ample opportunity for service and community involvement. The Rotary Club of Laurens maintains a vibrant membership of around 50 members that carry the torch of service and fellowship.

Member of 50 years, Laurens Rotarian James Yarbrough said, “As a Rotarian, I know that I and many other Rotarians worldwide are doing our part to impact the world in a positive way.”

As the Rotary Club approaches its centenary, they can be proud of the impact they have had on the lives of so many individuals in the Laurens community.

This resolution is not just about recognizing the past but serves as a milestone of encouragement to make a positive impact within Laurens for the next 100 years.

Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Laurens. Well done!