Capturing Emotions on Canvas: Susan Klein’s ‘Love Letters’ Exhibit Nears its End at the Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery

November 13, 2023

As the vibrant strokes of color on silk and the intricate designs on ceramics have graced the walls of the Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery for the past couple of months, the Susan Klein: Love Letters exhibit is preparing to close. Opening to the public on September 7 this enchanting collection of paintings on silk and ceramics has been a captivating exploration of emotions and artistic expression.

Running from September 7 to November 18, Love Letters is an immersive experience in the world of Susan Klein. The Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, located at 360 5th Ave, Clinton, has been the perfect setting for Klein’s thought-provoking artwork.

Klein’s unique ability to convey emotions through her chosen mediums has been a highlight of the exhibit. Each piece seems to whisper its own love story, and viewers have been invited to interpret and connect with the artwork in their own personal way. The delicate, flowing strokes on silk contrast beautifully with the sturdy, timeless nature of ceramics, creating a harmonious balance that adds depth to the entire collection.

The gallery has welcomed art enthusiasts during its regular hours from Wednesday to Saturday, 12-5 p.m., excluding holidays.

As Love Letters approaches its closing date on November 18, art lovers are encouraged to seize this final opportunity to witness Susan Klein’s artistic brilliance.