Clinton Elementary School in Laurens 56 identified as a U.S. News Best Elementary School

November 10, 2021

Clinton Elementary has been identified as a U.S. News Best Elementary School.  This honor is a result of the school ranking in the top 30% of elementary schools in the State of South Carolina.  The rankings are determined by “assessing the pupils’ proficiencies in mathematics and reading in addition to those results in the context of socioeconomic demographics”.  In essence, this award highlights that Clinton Elementary is educating all of their students and preparing them to have the skills to succeed as they continue through the public school system.

“We are so excited to receive the award from US News and World Report,” said Dr. O’Shields, Superintendent of District 56.  “All teachers in our district work hard and it is good to see the fruits of our labor recognized by outsiders.”

Test scores results reveal that at Clinton Elementary 61% of students were at or above the proficiency level for math, this contrasts with the whole of Laurens County results being 34% and South Carolina at 44% at or above the proficiency level.

Clinton Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Edwards and Dr. O’Shields