Clinton Youth Mia Carles Wins Women’s SC Golf Association Annual Junior Golf Championship

July 10, 2023

The Women’s South Carolina Golf Association (WSCGA) recently hosted an annual Junior championship and Clinton native Mia Carles was the one to claim the title of Champion. The tournament is held annually for youth ages 12-19 years old.

The top 6 finishers from this tournament will represent South Carolina in a match against the top 6 Georgia juniors in a yearly tournament to be held in early August.

Carles is the top in her class of 2027 golfers in South Carolina and one of the top 20 junior girl golfers in the state.

Just this season, Carles has won many tournaments including three major state tournaments: The WSCGA Junior Golf Tournament, Harvey Brock Orange Jacket Classic, and the South Carolina Junior Golf Association Championship at the Thomas D. Todd All Stars Championship.

“It’s an honor & privilege to have the opportunity to work with Mia! She is one of a kind! Since day one I noticed her special talent for golf & on top of the talent she’s been blessed with, she has shown tremendous work ethic & proven that she has love for the game,” said Tommy Biershank, Mia’s swing coach. “With the natural talent along with her work ethic, I’m confident we are all going to be reading about her accomplishments for a long time to come. I look forward to continuing to work with Mia as we set our goals high & chase the dream that lots of kids like her are hoping to achieve. I am so proud to play a part in her success. For Mia, the best is yet to come.”

Mia is not the only golfer in the family. She is one of eleven children to proud parents, Javier and Shellie Carles, and a natural on the golf course. Two sisters, Phoebe and Sofi, play collegiate D-1 golf. Phoebe is at UNC Asheville has started in every tournament these past 2 years. Sofi attends Presbyterian College where she played in every tournament her freshman year and made All academic/Deans List. Seven of the Carles eleven children play golf, so we are sure to hear more about them on the golf course.

Carles plays on the Clinton high school boys team because they don’t have enough players to have a girls team. She plays from the same distances as the boys and she and her brother Javi made all region and led Clinton to a #6 finish in the state.

The Clinton High School Golf team has a lot of young talent coming back and should challenge for a state championship in the years to come. In fact, three of their top four golfers were Luke McMurray (9th grade), Mia Carles (8th grade), and Aiden Bragg (7th grade). The future of Clinton Junior and High School golf is bright.