Elevating Small Business Voices: Join the Mom and Pop Alliance for a Night of Support and Education!  

October 13, 2023

South Carolina’s small and family-owned businesses form the backbone of its thriving economy, yet their voices often go unheard in policy decisions. Recognizing this gap, the Mom and Pop Alliance (MAPA) was created, a champion for these businesses, led by founder and business owner Diane Hardy. MAPA strives to unite these enterprises, providing a powerful platform to engage with the state government effectively.

Empowering Small Business Owners: An Invitation to Make a Difference

The Mom and Pop Alliance invites you to support their advocacy and be part of a transformative movement by becoming a member or a “Friend to Mom and Pop.” This support helps sustain their essential work, advocating for small business owners and fostering free-market principles and entrepreneurship across South Carolina. Diane Hardy, the founder, emphasizes, “Your support of the Mom and Pop Alliance will help us to inform and advocate on behalf of small businesses and their owners throughout our state.”

Friends of Mom and Pop Alliance Sponsorship Dinner

MAPA is hosting the “Friends of Mom and Pop Alliance Dinner” on October 24th, 2023, at the exquisite Hotel Hartness in Greenville, South Carolina. This event promises an evening of connections, education and purpose, aimed at bolstering the small business community.

Dinner Details and Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Date and Time: Tuesday, October 24th, 2023, 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Location: Hotel Hartness, 120 Halston Ave., Greenville, SC 29615
  • Inclusions:
    • Gold Sponsorship: $2,500 (Includes 6 tickets)
    • Silver Sponsorship: $1,250 (Includes 4 tickets)
    • Bronze Sponsorship: $500 (Includes 2 tickets)
  • Individual Tickets: $150 each

This dinner promises not only a delightful meal but also an opportunity to connect with other business owners and state legislators while supporting a cause that amplifies the voices of small businesses in South Carolina.

You don’t have to be a small business owner to support MAPA or to attend the dinner. Everyone should be supporting the small business owners in South Carolina and this is one way to do so.

Click HERE to purchase your tickets and email [email protected] to secure your sponsorship.

Join the Movement: Support the Mom and Pop Alliance

Diane Hardy, a passionate business owner initiated MAPA in response to the pressing need for a stronger collective voice for small and family-owned businesses. Now several years later, the Alliance is growing and serves as a liaison, advocating for effective governance policies and solutions that nurture these enterprises.

The Mom and Pop Alliance welcomes any privately owned business to join for a nominal fee, highlighting the strength in numbers. Unite with us at the “Friends of Mom and Pop Alliance Sponsorship Dinner” and be a part of this transformative movement. Let’s stand together, empowering small businesses for a stronger, united tomorrow.

Learn more about the Mom and Pop Alliance in this video: