Get your tickets for the 3rd annual Doko Film Fest. This year, they’ll be free

February 22, 2021

In the second year of the Doko Film Fest, a total of 143 entrees came from across the country, as well as from Canada, India, China and the United Kingdom. This year, no matter where you are, you can join in.

“Whether you’re in Blythewood or Dhaka, Bangladesh, we’ll all be here together,” says festival creator Ray Smith. That’s because in its third year the whole event will happen virtually, streaming live over two days – March 20 and 21.

And there will be plenty to see and interact over. So far, submissions have been received from across the United States, India, Canada, Oman, Iran, Poland and Mexico.

The film competition for students aged 14 to 18 gives young filmmakers the chance to show their films to a live audience, attend master classes led by award-winning professional filmmakers, and have their work judged by industry professionals. It’s been held for the last two years in Blythewood, S.C.

At the third festival, attendees will be able to view the selected films, attend virtual master classes and listen to a live panel of professional filmmakers providing feedback on each day’s films

It will all take place from 1-4:30 p.m. on March 20, and the same times on the 21st.

Oh, and here’s something new: It will all be free to attend. So be sure to get your tickets:

Donations are welcome, though. The festival is entirely volunteer-based, so any donations received go toward the continued mission of supporting the arts and next year’s Doko Film Fest.

As in previous years, the climax of the event in 2021 will be the awards recognizing the best in each category, as judged and selected by a panel of film professionals. The categories are short story, documentary, visual effects, animation, music video, comedy, and pocket video (which means a film that is made and edited completely on your smartphone).

There will be a lot of good films to see. We hope to see you there, too.


About Doko Film Fest

Doko Film Fest gives high school-aged filmmakers from across the USA and beyond a showcase for their visual storytelling. Its mission is to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of young filmmakers and provide them an outlet for their creativity. Doko Film Fest was created by business educator and documentary filmmaker Ray Smith. To learn more about participating, attending or becoming a sponsor – and to view some of last year’s winning films and for further information – please visit