Greenville Technical College Launches Club Sports Program and Introduces New Mascot

September 8, 2014

GREENVILLE, SC – Greenville Technical College has launched a club sports program that currently includes soccer, basketball, flag football, tennis, and volleyball. Athletes will compete with club teams from two-year and four-year colleges as well as JV teams from other institutions.

As the program is launched, the college also introduces a mascot – the GTC hornets. The hornets, selected by student vote, will serve as a rallying point for club sports.

“We are pleased to broaden the college experience with the addition of club sports and our mascot,” said Dr. Matteel Jones, vice president for student services at Greenville Technical College. “Our students asked for this opportunity, and we were happy to meet that request because we know that sports can be an outlet for academic stress and can help students feel a part of the college community.”

Tryouts will be required for club sports participation, and students must maintain a “C” average to remain part of a club sports team. In addition, athletes will be required to be part of at least one other club or organization on campus.

Plans call for additional sports to be added. It is expected that softball, baseball, and swimming will be part of the program for Spring Semester 2015.

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