Kershaw’s Bela Family Dentistry welcomes Dr. Robert S. Hegler and team

September 18, 2023

Kershaw’s premier dental care provider, Bela Family Dentistry, is delighted to announce the newest addition to its team, Dr. Robert S. Hegler and his dedicated team from Kershaw, S.C.

Dr. Hegler brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence in dentistry to Bela Family Dentistry. His passion for providing personalized and compassionate dental care aligns seamlessly with the core values that Bela Family Dentistry upholds. With a reputation for his expertise in a wide range of dental procedures and treatments, Dr. Hegler’s arrival marks an exciting new chapter for his team and Bela Family Dentistry’s patients.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Robert S. Hegler’s exceptional team to our family at Bela Dentistry,” said Dr. Matthew Cook, Owner of Bela Family Dentistry. “Their dedication to patient-centered care and their shared commitment to delivering the highest quality dental services make them a perfect fit for our practice. Dr. Joanna Cornelius and Dr. Sonal Naik are looking forward to working alongside the Hegler team, where they can continue to provide exceptional oral health care to the Kershaw community.”

The combined expertise of Bela Family Dentistry and Dr. Hegler’s team will create a dental powerhouse that emphasizes innovation, comfort, and the highest standards of care. Both parties are excited about the collaborative opportunities that lie ahead and are committed to maintaining a patient-first approach.

“I am excited about this new opportunity this will provide for Seanti, Dana, and Cindy to collaborate with the exceptional team at Bela Family Dentistry,” said Dr. Robert S. Hegler. “Our shared commitment to delivering exceptional dental care will undoubtedly lead to positive outcomes for our patients. We are devoted to ensuring the continued oral health and happiness of the Kershaw community.”

The integration of Dr. Hegler’s practice into Bela Family Dentistry underscores the commitment to growth, innovation, and superior patient care. As a united force, they are poised to set new benchmarks in the field of dentistry in Kershaw.


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