Leadership South Carolina’s Class of 2023 donates money, goods, and service to Connie Maxwell’s Children’s Minitries

March 16, 2023

Members of Leadership South Carolina’s Class of 2023 presented a check for $27,000 to Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries on Saturday, March 11, 2023, as part of their class project, Caring for Kids. The class also donated hundreds of needed items to Connie Maxwell and volunteered their time by updating the cabins on Oasis Farm.

On Saturday, March 11, members of Leadership South Carolina’s Class of 2023 gathered at Connie Maxwell’s Greenwood campus to present a monetary donation of over $27,000 as well as numerous needed items. The class then spent the day working with other volunteers painting and updating the electrical in the boarding cabins on the Oasis Farm.

As part of the Leadership South Carolina program, the Class of 2023 came together to identify a group project that would benefit an unserved area or community in the state. The class chose Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries as its project focus because of the work it does to support foster children across the state.

“When we were discussing an organization to support, our class really wanted to focus on children and wanted to make an impact across the state of South Carolina,” said Quinetta Buterbaugh, project co-leader. “Connie Maxwell Ministries works to make children that have been broken, whole and we are proud to provide support through fundraising, collecting needed items, and working at the facility.”

The class set three ambitious goals for this project, which is titled Caring for Kids: collect donations of needed items from across the state, organize and participate in a Serve Day, and raise over $25,000 to help Connie Maxwell with transportation needs.

“We have a very talented class and we wanted to choose a project where everybody could contribute, said Porter Johnson, project co-leader. “The way we structured the project allows each class member to utilize their respective talents to impact Connie Maxwell Ministries, and the children and families they serve.”

This group of talented leaders exceeded their goals on Saturday. They donated $27,000 and hundreds of needed items, and members of the class spent the day renovating cabins on the Oasis Farm.

“As a participant in Leadership South Carolina over 30 years ago, I was convinced then that this is the best source of teaching leadership for South Carolina leaders, but now after receiving the support from this year’s 2023 group, I’m convinced that they are making an impact in South Carolina especially for children and now, us at Connie Maxwell, more than I can imagine,” said Danny Nicholson, President of Connie Maxwell Children’s Ministries. “It is with great honor that I am associated with this wonderful group and thankful for their participation in our ministry helping children across the state of South Carolina.”


To learn more about LCS’s Class of 2023 group project, visit www.leadershipsc.com/2023-project.