Lowry is Fourth City Councilor to Endorse Mayor Senn for Re-election

March 15, 2023

Laurens City Councilor Martin Lowry has announced his endorsement of Mayor Nathan Senn for re-election. “I am proud to announce my strong endorsement of Mayor Senn,” said Lowry. “My wife and I will be voting for him, and I encourage every voter in our city to do the same thing.”

Councilor Lowry represents Ward Five and has served on City Council since 2007. He is a graduate of Clemson University and now owns and operates Thomas Mechanical, a leading mechanical systems contractor in the Upstate. Though all city elections are non-partisan, Lowry is a self-described conservative and has been a champion of fiscal responsibility during his time on City Council.

“I am proud of the progress our city has made during the past four years, and that progress didn’t just happen by chance,” said Lowry. “Mayor Senn has devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to improving the way our city government operates, updating our facilities, attracting investment, and planning for the future. He has also worked to encourage a spirit of unity among the members of City Council. We work well together as a team, and the city is reaping the benefits of that unity. I am encouraging voters to re-elect Mayor Senn so we can benefit from his vision and leadership, and City Council can keep working together with him to improve our city.”

Lowry reflected on his time serving on City Council for the past sixteen years. “I have served with three different mayors during my time on Council,” said Lowry. “I have seen the difference it makes when we have a leader with vision, and I know that Mayor Senn has the vision we need to continue on our path toward smart growth. I also know that he shares the values of our community and is committed to making sure that we maintain our small-town way of life.”

“I think its important that elections in the City of Laurens should be focused on the issues which impact the residents and businesses of our city,” said Lowry. “I am openly endorsing Mayor Senn because he has the qualities we need in a Mayor, but also because we have outsiders attempting to influence this election. They want to make this election about everything but the issues which really matter. We can’t allow those who don’t live in the city, whether county councilmen, state representatives, or partisan political operatives to manipulate voters and dictate the future of our city.”

Mayor Senn expressed his gratitude for Lowry’s support. “Receiving Councilor Lowry’s endorsement is truly an honor, and it should carry great weight with voters. Taken alone, it shows that we have the support of a lifelong fiscal conservative and business leader. Taken together with the recent endorsements of other members of City Council, it shows what a strong, unified team we have leading the city. I’m grateful to have the privilege of serving with such outstanding leaders, and I hope that that the voters of this city will give us the chance to continue working together for them for the next four years.”