Michael and Jude Shuman: KLCB Community Champions

October 31, 2023

The Keep Laurens County Beautiful (KLCB) Community Champion Award celebrates its 3rd quarter honorees, Michael and Jude Shuman, for their extraordinary dedication to environmental preservation in the Boyds Mill Dam area.

The KLCB Community Champion Award recognizes individuals or entities making significant contributions to KLCB’s mission of beautifying and preserving Laurens County. The Shumans’ exceptional efforts have made them standout recipients.

Michael and Jude Shuman’s journey began when they noticed the declining state of the Boyds Mill Dam area and the Reedy River. Determined to make a change, they have worked tirelessly to improve the area. Their dedication has not only improved things but has also inspired others.

KLCB’s recognition of the Shumans, underscores the power of community-driven initiatives. Their story serves as an inspiration for us all to become stewards of our environment, actively contributing to the preservation and beauty of our local communities.

Together, we can all create a lasting impact on our environment. Congratulations Michael and Jude Shuman on the recognition for your efforts.