Prioritizing Victims’ Rights: SC Grants Support Laurens Police Department  

September 18, 2023

Last week, Attorney General Alan Wilson made a significant announcement regarding the allocation of funds aimed at bolstering victim services across South Carolina. A commendable initiative, this grant allocation surpasses $31 million, demonstrating a strong commitment to uplifting victims and their rights.

One of the beneficiaries of this initiative is the Laurens Police Department, which was awarded a portion of the grant through the Supplemental Allocation for Victims Services (SAVS) Grant program. Attorney General Wilson, in collaboration with the Department of Crime Victim Assistance Grants, declared the 2023 Victims of Crime Grant Awards, heralding a new level of support and care for victims.

Amanda Greer, a dedicated Victim Advocate with the Laurens Police Department, is responsible for securing the much needed funds. This grant serves as a lifeline for victims, addressing their immediate emotional and physical needs during trying times.

Through SAVS, victims are assured that they will not be left to navigate the aftermath of their experiences alone. The grant encompasses an array of crucial services, ranging from crisis intervention and hospital accompaniment to counseling and emergency essentials. This comprehensive approach ensures that victims receive support at every step of their journey towards recovery.

Amanda Greer’s relentless dedication in championing victims’ rights and reshaping the landscape of victim services in the City of Laurens is truly commendable.

Police Chief Keith Grounsell expressed gratitude for the grant, stating, “We anticipate receiving over $41,000, which will serve as a reimbursement to support the salary of our victims advocate. This outcome will enable us to enhance the services we offer to victims in the city of Laurens.” He extended heartfelt thanks to the legislators and the Attorney General of South Carolina and his office for their unwavering support in securing these vital funds.