Rootimentary in Laurens: A New Chapter Begins

September 16, 2023

Something Has to Give

“Something has to give.” Who hasn’t said this at least once in his or her life? Change is inevitable, especially when it’s driven by a vision and an opportunity to breathe life into a neglected historical treasure. Rootimentary in Laurens is on the brink of an exciting transformation, and they are inviting you to be a part of it.

You may not recognize them, but you’ve seen these stairs. Stairs that once only led to a seriously nasty fall (and maybe a little tetanus). Stairs that are now getting ready to LEAD TO A SPEAKEASY. Yes, you read that right, a speakeasy! The same stairs that captivated the  imagination and fueled the passion for revitalizing the hidden gem that is now affectionately known as Rootimentary in Laurens.

A Journey of Vision and Dedication

The vision for Rootimentary sparked the same day the founders took a picture of these very stairs. Underneath years of neglect and debris lay a historical treasure yearning to be revived. An opportunity to create community, jobs, and a place for people to simply be. The weight of responsibility was almost overwhelming, but excitement and ideas carried them forward.

The journey has been a labor of love, with countless people contributing their efforts to make the restaurant a gorgeous and welcoming space. From the careful selection of paint and artwork to the handcrafted bar top adorned with beautiful tiles, every detail reflects the dedication of a village of individuals. The walls of Rootimentary hold not just the echo of laughter but also the tears shed, a testament to the emotional investment poured into this project.

Embracing Change

But, as with any transformative endeavor, something has to give. To focus on completing the renovation of the basement space into a spectacular speakeasy, Rootimentary in Laurens has made the difficult decision to close its lunch service, effective Tuesday, September 19th. However, this is not a farewell; it’s a new beginning.

In place of lunch, Rootimentary has planned several special events that will captivate and enthrall you. It’s understandable if you’re a bit bummed about missing lunch, but there is always dinner or brunch on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

“We have so many ideas that have laid dormant for months. Now, we’re finally able to share all of the creativity we’ve kept bottled up! We’re thrilled,” said Jessica Satterfield.  “We’re also booking holiday parties now! If you want to have a private office party or catering event, now is the time to get on our calendar!”

A Bright Future Beckons

The speakeasy is going to be a phenomenal new experience, a testament to the love and support Rootimentary owners Caleb and Jess Satterfield have received from the Laurens community. No opening date has been suggested yet, but they are working diligently to ensure it’s worth the wait.

And guess what? The Chef’s Tasting Menu will make a triumphant return, offering a culinary journey that will delight your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Big, tremendous, exciting things are happening, all thanks to your unwavering support. We love you, Laurens, and can’t wait to share this exciting new chapter with each and every one of you.

Stay tuned for updates, this is going to be good!