South Carolina Power Team Chairman B. Robert Paulling completes his term on Board of Trustees

June 20, 2023

Robert (Bob) Paulling, President and CEO of Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative, Inc. has completed his second three-year term serving as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the South Carolina Power Team. Paulling originally joined the South Carolina Power Team Board in 2012 and became Chairman in 2017.

 The Board has helped bring billions of dollars in economic growth and created programs that benefit electric cooperative members and their communities. In 2022, the electric cooperatives had a record year with 28 new projects, raising $4.37 billion in new capital investment, and creating 3,969 new jobs in cooperative-served territory. Several of these projects established their first location in the state including Redwood Materials, Kontrolmatik Technologies and Premium Peanut.

Under Paulling’s leadership, the Board of Trustees launched the “Upskill Incentive” program to encourage cooperative members to invest in their existing employees and improve retention. The program has already awarded $56,780 in grant awards, which will upskill 37 existing employees. In addition, his leadership was instrumental in kicking off the Cooperative Revolving Loan Fund, another program to support cooperative-served members and communities.

“Bob has been an invaluable member of our Board, and his vision and dedication have been instrumental in driving economic development in South Carolina. We are grateful for his service and know that Bob will continue to make significant contributions to the electric cooperative industry,” said James Chavez, President and CEO of the South Carolina Power Team.

Paulling also co-founded the CarolinaConnect Cooperative, which provides high-speed, reliable Internet service using fiber optic technology to members of the Mid-Carolina Electric Cooperative and other cooperatives throughout the state. In addition to his work with the South Carolina Power Team, he also serves as a Board Member of the Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., Cooperative Electric Energy Utility Supply, Line Equipment Sales, and the Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina.

Reflecting on his tenure, Paulling stated, “I am proud of everything we have accomplished during my time as Board Chair, but I am extremely proud of the launch of the Upskill Incentive. Through this program, we have been able to reward hard-working employees who are dedicated to their company and their futures.”


About SC Power Team 

The South Carolina Power Team is powering growth in electric cooperative territory. It is a full-service, non-profit economic development organization representing the state’s 20 consumer-owned electric cooperatives. 

The South Carolina Power Team was created by and for its members. The services we provide and the role we play in preparing communities for growth, investment attraction and job creation have been carefully crafted to play a critical role in the economic development process.