Steamers Restaurant Gets Surprise Visit from Governor McMaster

July 25, 2022

It was your typical Monday until it wasn’t at Steamers in Clinton.

The AC was out (being replaced on Tuesday), Musgrove Street was closed for water line maintenance and then in the middle of the lunch hour rush the Governor of South Carolina drops by for lunch.

According to information from the Governor’s staff who accompanied him, McMaster was in Spartanburg for a meeting in the morning and on the way back to Columbia he wanted to stop in a small town for lunch in a local eatery.  A member of his staff checked with a fraternity brother about where to eat and he recommended Steamers in Clinton.

The Buzz reached out to Brandon Page owner of Steamers for comment. “It’s been a crazy day for us,” said Page. “We love having new guests in the house but of all days for the Governor to just show up. One thing is for sure, he got that local diner service and great food, and we’re glad he chose Steamers for lunch today.”

While we can’t be sure what the Governor selected for lunch, we do know that his entourage ordered hamburger steak plates, salads and a blue plate special.  Good eats all around.