Streamlining Safety: The Laurens Police Department Unveils Dedicated App

August 21, 2023

The Laurens Police Department recently launched an App to further increase their connection to the community they serve.

Information included in the app would be:

  • Know your department
  • Most wanted
  • Praise or complaint
  • Crime prevention
  • Community programs and events
  • Codes and ordinances
  • Victims services
  • Business coalition
  • Employment
  • Submit a tip

According to Laurens City Police Chief Keith Grounsell, “At the Laurens Police Department, we’re excited to introduce a powerful tool that enhances our interaction with the community we proudly serve. Our new police department app empowers individuals to communicate swiftly and effectively with us. From reporting crimes and sharing videos or photos to requesting extra patrols or submitting commendations or complaints, this app streamlines engagement. And that’s just the beginning.”

This app isn’t just about external communication; it also offers internal benefits. It efficiently manages extra duty side jobs and, importantly, features an officer wellness section that provides support for mental health concerns such as PTSD and counseling.

“With the Laurens Police Department app, our commitment to your safety and well-being is now at your fingertips. From knowing your department to accessing important resources, we’re here for you. Download the app today and explore the numerous features that strengthen our connection with the community,” said Grounsell.