UNTOLD STORIES: Campus History Guided Walking Tour Sharing Recent Research and Discoveries

October 24, 2023

The Committee on Commemoration and Landscapes (CCL) announced the launch of a guided walking tour, UNTOLD STORIES: Campus History Guided Walking Tour Sharing Recent Research and Discoveries.

This tour aims to shed light on the diverse stories and evolution of Charleston, as reflected in the history of the College of Charleston, and honors the contributions of African-descended, Indigenous, Jewish, LGBTQIA+ individuals and women.

Led by the CCL Subcommittee on Interpretation, the tour will explore various locations that each played a significant role in the College’s history. Participants will have the opportunity to visit iconic sites such as Porter’s Lodge, Randolph Hall and the garden of the President’s House among others. During the Civil Rights era, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called Septima Clark the “mother of the movement,” and the tour will include stops both at the site of her childhood home and the Septima Clark Auditorium with its newly installed portrait mural.

“The Untold Stories tour is a testament to the College’s commitment to inclusivity and sharing the often-overlooked narratives that have shaped our institution and community,” says Erica Veal, Chair of the CCL Subcommittee on Interpretation.

To ensure a personalized experience, space for the tour is limited, and registration is required. Interested individuals can RSVP by emailing [email protected] and indicating their preferred tour date. The available tour dates are Wednesday, Oct. 25, from 9-10:30 a.m., and Thursday, Oct. 26, from 3:30-5 p.m.

In addition to the guided tour, the College of Charleston is offering resources to provide a more comprehensive understanding of its history. Ashley Dennis, assistant professor of history, is currently teaching a graduate seminar on public history, exploring different aspects of this field. Furthermore, a graduate student named Murray Hannon is developing a tour called Women’s Education at the College of Charleston, which will be open to the community.

Looking ahead, the history department plans to offer a special topics course in the spring of 2024, focusing on Heritage Interpretation. This course will equip students with the necessary skills to become National Association for Interpretation (NAI) Certified Interpretive Guides, connecting visitors to natural, cultural, and historical resources.