2021 Laurens County Youth Livestock Shows

October 13, 2021

The past two weekends, on October 2nd, 8th, and 9th, over 60 exhibitors and 110 animals came to the Laurens County to participate in the 2021 Laurens County Youth Livestock Shows. This show put on by the Laurens County 4-H Program and the Laurens County Cattlemen’s Association attracts youth from across the state of State Carolina.

On October 2nd, the dog and rabbit show took place as a part of Squealin’ on the Square in downtown Laurens. The competition on October 8th and 9th consisted of art and beef on Friday and dairy, market lamb, and meat goat on Saturday at the Laurens County Exchange Building. We had a great number of spectators including parents, relatives, and community members. Due to the unwavering support of the community we receive for this show, each class receives awards.

Every year they give a memorial scholarship at our dairy show.  Sierra Tinsley, of Pelzer, SC, was the recipient of the Wesley Robinson Memorial Scholarship, which is given by the Laurens/Greenville 4-H Dairy Club.  It is a great honor to give this award to a youth who has demonstrated great knowledge and poise within their project and is the future of the livestock industry.

For more information on the Laurens County Youth Livestock Shows, please contact Kendall Winn, Laurens County 4-h Agent, at [email protected] or 864-705-1102.

Rabbit Show                                                                      Judge: Raymond Brewer

Senior Showmanship                                                              Brooke Grondski

Junior Showmanship                                                              Lila Morf

Cloverleaf Showmanship                                                        Brooklyn New

Best in Show                                                                              Angelina Stroup

Reserve Best in Show                                                              Brooke Grondski

Dog Show                                                                             Judge: Greenville Kennel Club

 Senior Showmanship                                                              Jolee Cathcart

Junior Showmanship                                                              Allison Jewell

Cloverleaf Showmanship                                                        Emily Robinson

Best in Show                                                                              Allison Jewell

Reserve Best in Show                                                               Jolee Cathcart

Beef Show                                                                           Judge: Jordan Pritchett

Senior Showmanship                                                              Hailee Campbell

Junior Showmanship                                                              Dacey Abruzzino

Cloverleaf Showmanship                                                        Blaine Abruzzino

Grand Champion Feeder Steer                                               Hailee Campbell

Reserve Champion Feeder Steer                                            Blaine Abruzzino

Calf Champion                                                                           Savanna Evans

Reserve Calf Champion                                                           Ross Arthur

Senior Champion                                                                      Savanna Evans

Reserve Senior Champion                                                       MacKenzie Evans

Grand Champion British Breed                                              Savanna Evans

Reserve Grand Champion British Breed                               Savanna Evans

Calf Champion                                                                            Dacey Abruzzino

Reserve Calf Champion                                                            Dacey Abruzzino

Junior Champion                                                                     Blaine Abruzzino

Reserve Junior Champion                                                       —–

Grand Champion Continental Breed                                    Blaine Abruzzino

Reserve Grand Champion Continental Breed                     Dacey Abruzzino

Calf Champion                                                                           Easton Fehr

Reserve Calf Champion                                                           Hailee Campbell

Junior Champion                                                                      Ross Arthur

Reserve Junior Champion                                                       —–

Senior Champion                                                                      Easton Fehr

Reserve Senior Champion                                                       Anna Grace Cross

Grand Champion Crossbreed                                                 Easton Fehr

Reserve Grand Champion Crossbreed                                  Easton Fehr

Dairy Show                                                                          Judge: Charlie Kelly

Senior Showmanship                                                               Sierra Tinsley

Recipient of the Wesley Robinson Scholarship

Junior Showmanship                                                              Gabriella Ferguson

Cloverleaf Showmanship                                                        Jenna Lucas

Jersey Breed Grand Champion                                             Brooklyn New

Jersey Breed Reserve Grand Champion                              Sierra Tinsley

Holstein Breed Grand Champion                                         Madelyn Bolin

Holstein Breed Reserve Grand Champion                          Madelyn Bolin

Guernsey Breed Grand Champion                                       Jenna Lucas

Guernsey Breed Reserve Grand Champion                        Charlie Eichelberger

Market Lamb Show                                                         Judge: Tara Rogers

Junior Showmanship                                                              Anna Barrett Penland

Market Lamb Grand Champion                                            Anna Barrett Penland

Market Lamb Reserve Grand Champion                             Anna Barrett Penland

Ewe Grand Champion                                                             Anna Barrett Penland

Ewe Reserve Grand Champion                                              Anna Barrett Penland

Meat Goat Show                                                                Judge Tara Rogers

Senior Showmanship                                                              Kyleigh Adams

Junior Showmanship                                                              Drew Walker

Cloverleaf Showmanship                                                        Katie Rollins

Champion SC4ME Market Wether                                       Bailey Foster

Reserve Champion SC4ME Market Wether                        Anna Barrett Penland

Champion Open 4-H/FFA Project Market Wether            Drew Walker

Reserve Champion Open 4-H/FFA Project Market Wether   Anna Barrett Penland

Champion Open Market Wether                                            Drew Walker

Reserve Champion Open Market Wether                              Katie Rollins

Champion Market Doe                                                              Anna Barrett Penland

Reserve Champion Market Doe                                              Drew Walker

Art/Poster Show                                                                 Judge: Cynthia Wright

Laurens County Youth Livestock Show Sponsors

Smith Farm Supply
Jack, Beth, Emily, and Mary Rodgers
Smith Farms
Michael and Dianne Sutton
Thomas Copeland
Eastglen Farm
Agricultural Manufacturing & Textiles
Laurens County Conservation District
LC Water and Sewer Commission
O’Dell Farms
Diamond “S” Farm
Irwin Family Farm
Laurens County Fair Association and Exchange Club
Angela Marlett Insurance Ageny Inc
Davis & Kathy Gibbs
Indian Springs Ranch LLC
Piedmont Pulp Inc.
The Jewell Family
Evans Family Farm
Wilson Tractor Inc.
Vern & Tricia Mast
Walker and Walker Logging
Eva Hurley
William and Jo Ann Rackley
DeMack Timber
Laurens County Cattlemen’s Association
Verdin’s Too
Laurens County 4-H