5 Steps for Holiday Budgeting Success

October 12, 2021

World Finance offers simple tips to take the stress out of holiday expenses

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you know what that means? It may not be the most wonderful time for your bank account.

There’s the good, of course: holiday retail sales are slated to increase 7% this year, and one in three people say they plan to spend more this year than in years prior. Vaccinated people feel better about going out, and there will likely be a lot more dining, shopping, and merrymaking in public.

And then there’s the hard part – the holidays can feel like a big financial burden, especially for those who don’t want to forgo the discretionary celebrating.

World Finance, a people-focused finance company that offers services like personal loans and tax preparation, is sharing some tips to get the most out of your holiday season without tanking your credit:

  • Start early – Decide on a budget for holiday expenses including gifts, gift wrapping, decorations, travel and other special events. By knowing your budget well in advance, you can start saving before you spend.
  • Back to basics – It’s amazing how fast the savings add up when you opt to pack lunches, make coffee at home, pre-prep meals, etc. Find some simple changes you can make now to help save money for your holiday budget.
  • Stick to a plan – Credit cards can make it easy to overspend. A cash envelope system for holiday expenses is a helpful physical reminder and limitation. Another method is to keep track of your holiday credit card purchases and tally the cost along the way, keeping your budget in check and preventing a big bill later.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle – One of the best ways to save is to use what you already have. By repurposing last year’s decorations or gently used gift wrapping, your budget will have more room for other expenses. You can also put your creativity to use by DIY-ing a thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gift to help save money.
  • Shop around – Whether shopping online or in-person, prices can vary drastically. Give yourself time to track prices and compare special offers at stores. If shopping online, certain browser extensions like Honey, Rakuten and Capital One Shopping will do the work for you.

“The holidays should be a time of celebrating family and friends, but too often the season is overshadowed by financial stress. With advance preparation and setting realistic budget goals, the holiday season can be a cheerful time,” says Chad Prashad, president and CEO of World Acceptance Corp., parent company of World Finance.

World Finance also helps customers with budgeting and personal finance tips, credit-building loans and products, and more. To find a local branch or for information about World Finance, visit www.loansbyworld.com. Additional budgeting tips, credit information and loans can be found at www.loansbyworld.com/blog.

Happy Holidays and happy saving!

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