A Conversation with Artie Perry, Managing Partner, Hempgrid

January 18, 2021

With industrial hemp now legal to grow and process in 46 states, and 33 states with legal medical marijuana programs, the domestic marketplace confronts one big challenge: a broken supply chain connecting farmer’s fields to end-users. Despite its recognition by many as the ultimate cash crop, the race to stake claims as leaders in this space is more of a marathon than a sprint. Government regulation, demand generation, and education continue to be challenges.

Hempgrid, a new, South Carolina-based start-up, aims to fix that challenge by fueling innovation and forging a supply chain where none may have existed before. To foster success over the long term, Hempgrid offers innovative thought leadership and service offerings to its clients grow their people, processes, and technology. Hempgrid has pooled a team of top manufacturing, legislative, medical and technology experts to strengthen the world’s industrial hemp supply chain.

Hempgrid connects growers, producers, investors, researchers, manufacturers and others in a big, innovative industry.

Below is a full audio version of the interview.