A Conversation with Dan and Conor Sullivan, Bumpa’s Restaurant

October 20, 2020

There is a new restaurant in downtown Charleston. Bumpa’s is in a great location at 5 Cumberland Street in the heart of the French Quarter.

Brothers Dan and Conor Sullivan started working on a business plan for their first ever restaurant. As fate would have it, all of those years of intense planning led to an opening date in the spring of 2020 during a global pandemic. The opening was put on hold.

After a reset to prepare for the realities of COVID-19, Bumpa’s opened in June. It’s a beautiful, space with a great vibe. They promise a warm greeting and service that will make you feel like home, and never keep you waiting. They promise a bar that their grandfather, Bumpa, would have been loved.

Below is a full audio version of our conversation with Dan and Conor Sullivan. You can also find this interview on the WhosOnTheMove SC podcast on Spotify and Apple.