A Conversation with Dr. Tonya Matthews, The International African American Museum (IAAM)

April 27, 2022

The Who’s on the Move Leadership Series highlights people leading extraordinary change in South Carolina. We will be focusing on the journeys of 12 top leaders per year from across the state with a short video as well as a full audio version of the conversation. The interview will also be available on Apple and Spotify. Just search for the Who’sOnTheMove SC podcast.

You will see a diverse group of leaders in this series, men and women, white and non white, old and young – entrepreneurs, leaders of academics institutions, executive directors of non profits, and others. 


Opening in late 2022 or early 2023, The International African American Museum (IAAM) will explore the diverse journeys and achievements of Africans in the Americas and their descendants in South Carolina, the United States, and throughout the African Diaspora.

Dr. Tonya Matthews was announced as President and CEO of the Museum in March 2021. She is an experienced executive, thought leader and educator, has proven track records in organizational leadership, strategic planning, diversity and inclusion, program development, project management and vast visitor, and community engagements initiatives.

She is also founder of The STEMinista Project,a ground-breaking, national initiative that inspires middle-school girls to consider tools and careers in STEM. The initiative uses a collective impact program design and global role model database to provide 1000+ hours of STEM experiences for participants every year.

Matthews also is a published and performing poet and was included in the 100 Best African-American Poems, 1st Edition (2010).

Below is a full audio version of our conversation with Dr. Tonya Matthews. You can also find this on Spotify and Apple. Just search for the Who’sOnTheMove SC podcast.