A Conversation with Jesse Bullard, Southern Way Catering

April 21, 2020

Southern Way Catering was founded in 1982 by Jimmy Stevenson. It began as a small company with deep Southern Roots, and in 2020, it a company that has grown to 200 employees, 70 of whom are full-time. Their core business is providing catering to events. At the end of March, all events in South Carolina were canceled because of the Coronavirus.

Last week, Southern Way announced a partnership with the Ready Response Meals platform to bring a new way of providing food to the essential workers that need to work to keep our communities safe and supplied with critical goods and services. Ready Response Meals is a delivery service that is focused on delivering high volume, food-safe meals to South Carolina essential workers where they work.

We chatted via Zoom with the Vice President of Southern Way, Jesse Bullard, about this new partnership and other ways that the company is adjusting to the pandemic.

Below is a full audio version of the conversation.