Ads that ring your cash register

April 8, 2021

By Jerry Bellune

Bob Bly and I are direct response apostles. It’s the best way to advertise.

Bob says if we embrace direct response ads in print and online, the greater our response, RoI, sales and profits will be.

Direct response ads only goal is response and sales. Here are its principles:

• Instead of pretty designs and clever copy, give offers and sales enticements backed by extensive proof and facts.
• Forget brand building. Your goal is more inquiries, leads, orders and sales.
• Irresistible offers are carefully thought out, worded and easy to find.
• Appeal to emotions not just logic. Offer to solve pains, help realize dreams.
• Use the words “free” and “guaranteed.” These words guarantee response.
• Calls to action should appear in the opening and closing of the ad. This catches the eyes of your Ideal Customers and tells them how to place their orders.
• Sell more additional products to customers who bought a 1st product. Have back-end offers of added products and services.
• Be a tightwad. Be careful what you spend. If a campaign costs too much, you won’t make much money with it.
• Test all ads. Ask where buyers received your offer. Repeat what gets sales.

We share such field-tested strategies in our “Uncover Your Inner Sales Genius.”

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