Advertisement of vacancies on various boards and commissions

April 14, 2022

The City of Columbia is accepting applications to fill several vacancies on the following boards and commissions.

Accommodations Tax (A-Tax)

Seeking to fill three (3) vacancies:

Two (2) in the lodging industry and One (1) in Hospitality. The purpose of the Accommodations Tax committee is to receive; review proposals from organizations requesting money from the City’s Accommodations Tax Fund; and make recommendations to City Council on those proposals. There are seven (7) council appointments, four (4) must be designated hospitality industry representatives and two (2) of which must be from the lodging sector. One (1) member must be a cultural interest representative. The other two (2) may citizens in the community. Term – 2 years

Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)

Seeking to fill five (5) vacancies.

The purpose of the BPAC is to advise the City of Columbia Transportation Planning staff, City Council Members, the Mayor and community organizations and partners on bicycling and pedestrian issues facing the city and to work toward the development of a bicycle/pedestrian master plan; represent community and constituent interests in transportation planning decisions; and provide feedback to staff on projects relating to walking and bicycling.  City of Columbia staff will consider recommendations from the BPAC along with input from other members of the public during decision making. This committee is comprised of seventeen (17) members – three (3) appointed by the Mayor and two (2) appointed by each council member. – Term- 3 years

Board of Zoning Appeals Forms Based Codes

Seeking to fill two (2) vacancies.

The purpose of this board is to hear and decide appeals when it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement, decision or determination made the zoning administrator or the Consolidated Review Committee in the enforcement of the code when the property is governed by a form based code. This committee is comprised of five (5) members – one (1) architect, one (1) attorney, one (1) landscape architect or urban planner, one (1) in real estate, and one at-large individual. – Term – 3 years

Bull Street Commission

Seeking to fill two (2) vacancies.

The purpose of the Bull Street Commission is to serve in an advisory role to the city in advancing the vision and the goals articulated by Council in achieving quality development on Bull Street, including funding issues, benchmarks and development activities. This commission is comprised of seven (7) members. They are: one Council member serves as chair and six members that represent the business community including a minority business owner, the Coalition of Downtown Neighborhoods and the historic preservation community. All appointees will be duly sworn to advise the city and the developer in the discharge of their respective responsibilities.

Building Board of Adjustment and Appeals

Seeking to fill six (6) vacancies.

The purpose of this board is to hear appeals from decisions rendered by Code officials as it relates to the interpretation of the 2006 International Building Code. This committee is comprised of seven (7) members with two (2) of those members being alternates. They are to include an architect, engineer, residential builder, commercial builder, and a citizen with building/design experience. – Term – 3 years

Climate Protection Action Committee

Seeking to fill two (2) non-voting vacancies.

The purpose of the Climate Protection Action Committee (CPAC) is to recommend and oversee the development and implementation of mission-based programs and projects by developing and advocating a vision and strategy for becoming a sustainable community in partnership with key stakeholders and other communities. Term- 3 years

Design Development Review Commission (DDRC)

Seeking to fill three (3) vacancies for: An Attorney, an Architectural Historian, a District 2 Community Representative.

The purpose of the Design/Development Review Commission (DDRC) is to review and approve work proposed within the City’s historic districts, urban design areas, and upon designated landmarks. Term – 3 years

Columbia Housing Authority (CHA)

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy for a commissioner.

The mission of the Columbia Housing Authority is “to meet the emerging affordable housing needs of low to moderate-income individuals and families in Columbia and Richland County while promoting self-reliance and improving their quality of life”. The board consists of seven (7) members that will include one (1) member who must be a resident of the Housing Authority. Term- 5 years

Commercial Revolving Loan Fund

Seeking to fill two (2) vacancies for an Attorney & Small Business Owner.

The City of Columbia is accepting applications for the Commercial Revolving Loan Review Board. Individuals applying for this board must be a Small business owner or an Attorney. The purpose of this committee is to review and approve/disapprove applications for loans from the City of Columbia Commercial Revolving Loan Fund. – Term- 2 years

Food Policy Committee

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

The purpose of this committee is to gather and address problems found within food production, consumption, processing, distribution, and waste disposal with the primary focus on finding solutions to problems that promote sustainability, economic development, and social justice in the food system of the Columbia and surrounding areas by educating government officials about issues of the food system, making policy recommendations, research, fostering of cooperation among private, public, and non-profit interests. This commission is comprised of fifteen (15) members. – Term – 2 years

Greater Columbia Community Relations Council (GCCRC)

Seeking to fill three (3) vacancies

The purpose of the council is to submit recommendations and opinions regarding community relation matters that affect the Greater Columbia Area. They seek individuals with a desire to help the community develop better relations and provide objective goals to help foster good relations in our community. They serve as mediators, trainers and advocates for people who need assistance in our community. This Council provides an abundance of services including Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) forums for the public, Fair Housing Education, as well as, programs aimed at helping develop strong interpersonal skills. This committee is multi-jurisdictional with Richland County, Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the City each appointing ten (10) members for a total of 30 members. Term- 3 years

Historic Columbia Foundation (HCF)

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

The foundation develops programs and activities to nurture, support, and protect the historical and cultural heritage of Columbia and its environs through programs of advocacy, education, community awareness, and preservation. The city appoints two (2) individuals to serve on the foundation. – Term – 4 years

Hospitality Tax (H-Tax)

Seeking to fill four (4) vacancies: One (1) Restauranteur and three (3) At-Large

The Hospitality Tax Advisory Committee is tasked with reviewing applications for hospitality funding and making recommendations to Council for the disbursement of those funds. The committee is composed of eleven (11) individuals. The committee consists of six (6) restaurateurs and five (5) at-large members. Term- 2 years

Planning Commission

Seeking to fill one (1) vacancy.

The purpose of this commission is to develop and maintain a continuing planning program which will benefit City of Columbia residents; to provide a mutual forum to identify, discuss, study and address local development issues and opportunities; to foster, develop and review policies, plans and priorities in order to ensure orderly growth, development, conservation and preservation; to furnish technical assistance to city government and its agents; and to review and coordinate federal, state and local programs that have an impact on the city. Term – 3 years

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals

Seeking to fill two (2) vacancies

The purpose of this commission is to provide for the orderly disposition of the business of the Property Maintenance Board of Appeals (Board) by codifying the means by which that business is to be transacted. This commission is comprised of seven (7) members. – Term – 3 years 

Richland Lexington Airport District Commission

Seeking to fill One (1) vacancy

The purpose of the commission is to plan, establish, develop, construct, enlarge, improve, maintain, equip, operate, regulate, protect and police such airports and air navigation facilities as shall be necessary to serve the people of the Richland-Lexington airport district. This commission is comprised of twelve (12) members. Five (5) members are chosen by Richland County and five (5) members are chosen by Lexington County. The City of Columbia appoints two (2) members. – Term – 4 years


Deadline –Applications are due no later than April 30, 2022 at 5 p.m.

To apply please visit,, and apply through our new MatchBoard interface. If you require more information or additional assistance, please contact Ashley Jenkins at 803-545-3026 or send a request to via email, [email protected].