An early Christmas gift parable

December 16, 2020

By Jerry Bellune


Here’s another early Christmas gift to help you end a dark year on a bright note.

The great physicist Albert Einstein spent most of his life solving the secrets of the universe. He finally concluded the greatest force of all was compound interest.

Now he may have been joking but his point  is clear: Compound interest can make you wealthy. But if you let your cash manage you instead of you managing it, there won’t be any left for interest to compound.

Our friend Dr. Tracey Jones interprets the meaning of Jesus parable of the 3 servants in her book “Beyond Tremendous.”

You may recall the story of the wealthy man who left money to 3 servants to care for in his absence. When he returned, he called each of them in to account.

2 had worked hard and doubled their master’s money. The 3rd, out of fear or laziness, had buried the money and returned it saying here is all you gave me.

His employer fired him.

Tracey says that Jesus’ point is that we should make the most of the opportunities God gives. We should help ourselves and others, not act like the 3rd servant.

Opportunities are gifts but they come with hard work and certain risks.

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