Apprenticeship Carolina and the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs partner to increase the number of minority-owned businesses participating in apprenticeship

November 9, 2021

Apprenticeship Carolina™ and the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs signed a Memorandum of Understanding this week designed to increase the number of South Carolina’s minority-owned businesses participating in apprenticeship programs across the state.

“The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs is excited to be partnering with Apprenticeship Carolina on this initiative,” said Dr. Delores Dacosta, executive director of the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs. “We strive to provide innovative and constructive solutions in support of ethnic minority communities. This agreement will help connect minority-owned businesses with the many opportunities available through Apprenticeship Carolina as well as direct them to grants and other funding opportunities to help offset training costs.”

>An apprenticeship is a time-tested method of employee development that combines supervised on-the-job learning and job-related education along with a scalable wage. Registered apprenticeship programs ensure that South Carolina’s workforce has the skills needed to match today’s in-demand jobs and jobs of the future. Apprenticeships also provide a promising career pathway for participating apprentices who gain experience and the skills needed for the well-paying jobs that grow the state’s economy.

Pictured: Dr. Amy Firestone, Dr. Delores Dacosta and Dr. Tim Hardee.

“Apprenticeship Carolina has worked diligently for more than a decade to expand the use of registered apprenticeship in the state. We are thrilled to partner with the South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs to drive further growth and diversity of programs across South Carolina,” said Dr. Amy Firestone, vice president for Apprenticeship Carolina. “We know that a registered apprenticeship program is an effective and proven workforce development tool. It’s an opportunity to develop talent, enhance quality and build relationships that can benefit both the apprentice and the organization for years to come.”

Since its inception in 2007, Apprenticeship Carolina has played a crucial role in growing apprenticeship participation across the state. As a result, the number of participating organizations has increased from 90 to more than 1,150 currently, and the number of apprentices has grown from 777 to nearly 37,000 total apprentices.


South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs

South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs is the state’s point of contact for information about its minority populations. has an essential role in our community to provide affordable housing for people with low and moderate incomes. The agency’s mission is to be a catalyst that identifies and examines emerging issues and trends by providing constructive solutions and approaches to support the policy and socio-economic development of ethnic minority communities through: 1) Community engagement and awareness; 2)State recognition of Native Americans; 3) Collecting, diagnosing and analyzing collaborative data; 4) Acting as a liaison bridging the gap between communities, government agencies and other organizations and; 5)Influencing public policy and state services. For more information, visit

Apprenticeship Carolina

Apprenticeship Carolina is an integral part of the SC Technical College System that leads South Carolina in registered apprenticeship programs that help businesses and communities thrive economically. Through innovation, partnerships and a spirit of excellence, Apprenticeship Carolina catalyzes the promotion of registered youth, adult and pre-apprenticeships. Apprenticeship Carolina is also a resource to help employers create, maintain and maximize the use of these programs. Apprenticeship Carolina is committed to creating and strengthening career pathways that enrich and enhance South Carolina’s existing and future workforce. Interested employers are encouraged to contact Apprenticeship Carolina™ at (803) 896-5287 or to visit