As Frigid Temps are Forecasted, Clinton Fire Chief Provides Safety Tips for Use of Indoor Space Heaters

February 3, 2021
As the coldest temperatures of the year are upon us, Clinton Fire Chief Phillip Russell and his team want everyone to be warm and safe.
The use of portable electric heaters is one way to stay warm but not without risk. Statistics show that space heaters are responsible for 1/3 of home heating fires and about 80% of home heating fire deaths.
Chief Russell shared some safety tips that everyone should consider when using portable electric heaters.
If you are using a portable electric heater, please use the following safety tips:
1. Plug electric heaters directly into wall outlets. Do not use extension cords.
2. Never run the heater cord under rugs or carpeting.
3. Keep all sides of the heater at least 3’ from any combustible items. This includes beds, sofas, clothes, curtains, paper, or other items that can catch fire.
4. Never leave the space heater on unattended or while your sleeping.
5. Never use an electric heater with a frayed cord, or one that has been attempted to be repaired.
6. If the plug or the heaters cord becomes hot, unplug and have an authorized repair person evaluate, or purchase a new heater.
There are other safety items to review with L.P., natural gas, and kerosene heaters as well as with wood stoves and fireplaces. Everyone is strongly encouraged to take the time to learn the safety tips associated with your source of heat, so you and your family will remain warm and safe.