Believe in yourself and what you offer

August 17, 2020

By Jerry Bellune

The great success thinker Napoleon Hill wrote that to sell yourself and your products or services you must believe in yourself and your offerings’ true value.

Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich,” inspired millions of us. His book grew out of a challenge from steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, a billionaire who rose from rags to riches. He challenged Hill to interview successful people, to share their secrets with those who aspired to follow their example.

With Carnegie’s influence to open doors, Hill’s efforts resulted in many books on success. Those principles, despite wars, famines, technology and changing tastes and times still hold true today.
Hill’s simple insight reminded me of an essential truth in selling.

First, we need to believe in ourselves. That means “never offer anything you don’t believe in or wouldn’t invest your own hard-earned money in.”

Many salespeople try to peddle products and services they have never bought, used or benefited from. I don’t care how good you are. Prospects can spot a phony.

Second, accept that what we offer will work for most – but not all – prospects.

A colleague decided the other day not to make an advertising offer when he learned our newspaper readers were not a prospects’ potential customers.

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