Bill Hall, Founder of Halls Chophouse, passes on

August 20, 2020

We were sad to hear of the passing of Bill Hall on August 19th. He was a titan of the restaurant industry and we appreciate the role his restaurants play in our communities. Excellence in food, service and decor is hard to achieve in the restaurant business.

Below is part of a communication that was sent out by the employees of Halls.

Mr. Hall leaves a legacy that is hard to capture in this brief message.  From the west coast of the United States to the east coast here in Charleston, Mr. Hall built opportunity for people, families and communities.  His vision for the future always stretched us and made us better.

Thankfully, Mr. Hall always planned ahead and he has grown a great team at Hall Management Group and each of our eight venues.  Together, we will continue to operate in his honor and serve our customers with the kind of generosity and excellence he demonstrated throughout the course of his life.

He was the cornerstone of his family.  A husband, father, grandfather.  To us, Mr. Hall was so much more than just a boss.  Many of us loved him in a way that is hard to describe.