Bobbitt Completes Garlock Helicoflex Phase One Facility; Phase Two Now Underway

February 9, 2010

COLUMBIA, SC – February 9, 2010 – Bobbitt Design Build recently completed the first phase of facility upfits for Garlock Helicoflex, a firm that engineers performance metal seals and sealing systems for nuclear facilities around the world. Construction on the next phase is now underway.

Garlock Helicoflex, located on The Boulevard in Columbia, has worked with Bobbitt over the years to review feasibility studies for growth and expansion. These reviews included analyzing the costs of building a new facility versus renovation of the existing location. When an expansion was needed to dramatically increase the company’s capacity to create nuclear metal rings, Bobbitt recommended upfitting an available building nearby that was ideally suited for Garlock’s increased space and production needs.

We’ve developed a great relationship with Garlock Helicoflex. We go beyond simply addressing the construction process – working with real estate brokers, financiers and the city’s permitting department on their behalf, said Vic Englert, president of Bobbitt’s Columbia office.

Phase one of the project began in April 2009. The existing 39,000-square-foot facility was converted into 12,000 square feet of office space with the remaining area serving as a precision manufacturing facility. Features include a special filter system for indoor air quality control and 200 foot-candles of lighting to support the stringent production environment. Rings up to 24 feet in diameter are produced, requiring high light levels for thorough quality control inspection.

Despite various delays with permitting and design enhancements, Bobbitt was able to complete phase one on time.

Phase two of the expansion consists of a 6,600-square-foot addition. Inside the impressive 44-foot-tall facility will be a bridge crane used to hoist rings and dip them into vats for chemical coating. The facility will provide advanced ventilation, exhaust and filtration systems and state-of-the-art HVAC systems, which are requirements for the heavy mechanical production process.

Completion of phase two is planned for spring 2010.

Bobbitt was a great source of knowledge during the design phase and continues to work as a partner with us during the construction phase, said Jeff Hall, senior project manager for Garlock Sealing Technologies.

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