City of Columbia announces new business liaison to help better streamline business within the city

May 17, 2021

The City of Columbia is pleased to announce our new business liaison, Greg Williams.

In this new position, Greg Williams will be the professional liaison who will coordinate and communicate with local business owners, within the City of Columbia, and developers to help navigate the approval process for projects, as well as, resolve friction points or issues with the City.

“Greg has the perfect temperament, patience and knowledge of City departments and processes to assist citizens, members of our business community and others who may need to navigate planning, development, engineering, licensing and numerous functions. The Business Liaison role is an important tool as we continue to streamline how individuals do business within the City,” said City Manager Teresa Wilson.

Greg Williams transitioned into the public sector after first working with the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce and as a Deputy Administrator in the City’s Business License Division. “All of this experience has given me a unique perspective working for the City of Columbia as the Business Liaison. It allows me to see both sides of commerce within the City and how to enhance it,” said Greg Williams.

As the business liaison, Williams will be able to expedite and handle complex issues that have been known to cause delays in the past. The position also builds goodwill with the public and shows the City is eager to work with the community in a business friendly and timely manner.

Greg Williams is looking forward to working with business owners, solving problems, and showing the public that the City is amenable to finding different solutions to issues.

The new business liaison visited businesses/business owners in the Five Points business/hospitality district this morning.