City of Laurens Seeks Public Input – Schedules Series of Meetings on Ten Year Plan

October 17, 2022

The City of Laurens wants to hear from residents as they begin the job of updating the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The comprehensive plan is a document that includes the City’s history, current state and the vision for the future of the City. The plan serves as a road map, or long range plan, to facilitate growth and development while promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the residents.

A critical part of this process is hearing from the people. To facilitate that dialogue, A series of community input meetings have been scheduled.

“It is important that we approach planning with a community-centered focus. It has been a priority for the City during the past three years to maintain and improve upon those things that set Laurens apart and make it unique. We have the same priority when it comes to planning,” said Mayor Senn. “But, identifying and defining what makes us so special, what our needs are, and what we want to be – and even what we want to avoid – is a process that needs to begin directly with the people who live and work in our city. Ultimately, this planning is intended to guide the City in serving the people, so we need to hear from the people we serve.”

Members of the community are encouraged to participate in the process by attending one or more of the meetings and sharing their ideas regarding the future goals and objectives for Laurens. The meetings are public forums for residents to communicate their thoughts and ideas on possible projects they would like to see in the City of Laurens consider.

There are five meetings schedule between two dates as listed below.

November 10:

  • Laurens City Hall, 126 East Public Square (8-10 am)
  • The Ridge at Laurens, 301 Exchange Road (12-2 pm)

November 17:

  • The Ridge at Laurens, 301 Exchange Road (8-10 am)
  • Laurens County Library, 1017 West Main Street (12-2 pm)
  • Laurens City Hall, 126 East Public Square (3-5 pm)

A survey has also been developed to seek input from residents. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the survey which includes 18 questions.  Just click on the QR code in the image below to access the survey.