Clemson’s Master of Real Estate Development Program Featured in Journal

January 7, 2009

CLEMSON, SC – January 7, 2009 –  — Clemson University’s Master of Real Estate Development program was featured in the Journal of Real Estate Literature as one of the top new programs in the nation.

In the article “Graduate Real Estate Programs: An Analysis of the Past and Present and Trends for the Future,” Margot Weinstein, president and chief financial officer of MW Leadership Consultants LLC and vice president of the Kingston Group Inc., and Elaine Worzala, director of Clemson’s Center for Real Estate Development, examined four up-and-coming real estate graduate programs at Clemson, DePaul University, John Hopkins University and Roosevelt University.

Clemson’s Master of Real Estate Development program, established in 2004, is unique in several aspects. The program is a joint project between the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities and the College of Business and Behavioral Science, making it Clemson’s only graduate program connecting development design and business. Students take courses in law, finance, management, architecture, construction science and city and regional planning. The two-year program also requires a summer internship providing practical experience for the students to bring to their second year of education.

“The program’s network to professionals, hands-on experience and multidisciplinary approach make it one of the strongest programs in the country,” Worzala said. “It is still relatively new, and at this point there are no official rankings of real estate-development programs. However, we certainly lead the list for the programs in the Southeast region and we are working hard on building our national reputation.”