Clinton Native, Andy Howard Announces Candidacy for Clinton City Council Ward 6

November 29, 2022

Andy Howard is a Clinton native. He spent eight years in the United States Marine Corps traveling the world in service to our country and in the end, he chooses to live here.

Howard recently announced that he intends to run for Clinton City Council for Ward 6 a seat currently held by Megan Walsh.

“There are a lot of beautiful places in the world, and I am fortunate to have seen and experienced some of them but for me Clinton will always be home,” said Howard.

Pictured left to right: daughter Abby, Andy, wife Kristen, and son Caleb during trip to DC this past Spring.

Howard is married to another Clinton native Kristen Ellis Howard, and they have Twins Abby and Caleb.

“My whole family and my wife’s family all worked in the mills from Lydia to Bailey to Clinton,” said Howard. “Our families experienced the real impact of the closing of the mills.”

Howard has a Bachelor of Science degree in Parks & Recreation with an emphasis on Tourism which makes him a natural for his position as the Director of Laurens County Parks and Recreation, a position. He has worked for the county for fifteen years and as the director of parks and recreation for thirteen years.

Howard currently serves as Chairman for Laurens Academy Board and actively serves in his church, Bellview Baptist. He is a Founding member of the Laurens County Trails Association.

“It’s time we quit depending on small businesses alone and start capitalizing on the most significant draw Clinton has, our people, our location and the natural beauty,” said Howard.

With experience managing budgets Howard feels he can bring a new perspective and fresh attitude of accountability to Clinton City Council as Council continues to address the challenges of a growing community.