Columbia’s Famously Hot Sales Manager, Twila Jones, Receives Presidential Award

January 7, 2009

COLUMBIA, SC – January 7, 2009 – The Columbia Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is pleased to announce one of their own receiving a distinguished award.  Twila Jones, a CVB sales manager, received the 2008 Presidential Award from the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education Auxiliary.

The award was presented to Jones for going beyond the call of duty in providing outstanding service to Christian education in assisting with the hosting of the 102nd Annual Session. The award is given every year to a business person who works toward the hosting of the Annual Session.  It is usually someone who has gone beyond the call of duty and has worked overtime for the Congress.   

Reverend James H. Cokley of the SC Baptist Congress of Christian Education Auxiliary stated, “Twila Jones did a magnificent job ensuring that the South Carolina Baptist Congress of Christian Education received the best hospitality and accommodations possible.  Having served in the leadership of the Congress for over fifteen years and being in Columbia at least four times, this was the best year we have experienced in Columbia and I believe that Twila is the reason.”

President/CEO of the Midlands Authority for Conventions, Sports & Tourism, Ric Luber said, “It’s an honor to have one of our own honored with a distinguished award.  Twila works very hard and goes above and beyond for her clients.  With this group in particular, she was able to utilize several non-traditional properties including a church and middle school.  My hat goes off to Twila.  She is a hard worker and it’s a pleasure to have her here in Columbia.”