Crossroads Treatment Centers CMO elected as Vice President of the South Carolina Psychiatric Association

July 15, 2020

Dr. Trey Causey to lead SCPA member communications, education efforts to improve mental health services

Crossroads Treatment Centers, a national leader in the treatment of Opioid Use Disorder, announced that its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Trey Causey, is the new Vice President of the South Carolina Psychiatric Association (SCPA). Causey has been an active member of the SCPA since 2008.

The SCPA is the state branch of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and works to improve treatment, rehabilitation and care for people with mental disorders. In his new role with the SCPA, Causey will focus on programs for continuing education for members, as well as communications and mobilization within the organization. He will also lead the planning of the Association’s Annual Meeting for 2021.

“We are so pleased that Dr. Causey has been chosen for this leadership role with the South Carolina Psychiatry Association,” said Rupert McCormac, M.D., CEO of Crossroads Treatment Centers. “At Crossroads, Dr. Causey has provided leadership and expertise as we work to broaden our behavioral health services. I am confident that Dr. Causey’s eagerness for excellence at Crossroads will certainly follow him to the SCPA, where I know he will help to make a positive impact within the field of psychiatry.”

Causey, who is based in Columbia, South Carolina, has been part of the leadership team at Crossroads since 2011. For nearly a decade, Causey served as medical director for the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, where he supervised the management of a residential addiction treatment facility.

“I am passionate about helping those with mental illness,” said Causey. “The board of directors at SCPA is comprised of individuals that have tremendous experience and track records in mental health treatment, and I am honored to have the chance to work alongside them to serve our members and, ultimately, the residents of South Carolina.”



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